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Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 Ironman 70.3 Racine Race Preview @asicsAmerica @Team_HOTSHOT @LifetimeTri @GenUCAN

So it's around 10 to 15 degrees cooler in Racine, WI, than Olathe, KS.

Which is good for every day walking around, and good for biking and running generally, but not so good for a brisk 1.2 mile swim in mid 60's Lake Michigan.

Tomorrow wraps up my long course triathlon racing for 2016.  Ironman 70.3 Racine has been my target race ever since I signed up late last year.  The course is flat, the temps are cool and it's "drivable" from home, if you consider 10 hours drivable (with stops).

I ended up manning it alone as the kids are on a trip with my mom and Em had to work and watch after a certain little 6 month old at home.  I do have a large contingent of friends and neighbors around, so it's not all loneliville.

Look who just turned 6 months old!

Where you at?

My training has been consistent, but not as productive as I would hope.  Having a new kid definitely changes the game and switching to an office job puts a kink in the works.  I've managed by super early workouts to get to work early to avoid traffic and lunch workouts at our downtown executive airport.  It's got s 3.6 mile loop around the runway that's low traffic and no stops.  The only kicker is trying to jam a workout in and get cleaned up and back to my desk in a timely fashion.  Hence, every workout is shorter than I'd hoped and in the heat of the day during the summer.

BUT, I'm not complaining.  I'm getting it in, just takes more effort now.  I was hoping for some more biking miles than I got in, but what are you going to do?

But the bike may not be the issue race day...

Storms are looming. shows 60+ percent chance of storms all morning will the likelihood going up around 10am.

My swim wave doesn't go until 8am, so I'll potentially be in the thick of it on the bike at 10am.  Should be interesting.

At most I'm hoping we can race the whole event, and not have a duathlon or bike and run event or just a run.... I've been lucky with no weather issues for races this year and hoping the streak continues.

I'm also grateful for racing the Kansas City Triathlon in May when it was pretty chilly to know, I can put together a good race in the 60's and not freeze to death on the bike.  That being said, I will be bringing a layer to wear over my tri top in the event it's raining.  At least now I know to leave the tri shorts in T1 so I have dry shorts for the ride.  It helped tremendously.

I'll be checking weather, but not stressing about it.  Only so much you can control.  At least it's guaranteed wetsuit legal no matter what being in Lake Michigan!

What's my prediction?

Perfect weather // 30ish min swim // under 3 hour bike // under 1:45 run // 5:15 in perfect conditions
Rain // I have no idea.  Lake could be full of waves // bike could be VERY slow // run should be ok // who knows

It's just hard to tell since the Legends 70.3 in June was after a 5k and a half marathon in the days before.  It was more for fun and training than racing for time.

Check the ole Facebook page for updates on race day or for real time tracking.

All I know is I'm ready to race and head back home to be with the family!

What I'll be using race day:

HotShot muscle cramp reducer
ASICS gel cumulus 17's
Lifetime Fitness Tri TEAM kit
UCAN superstarch and hydrate
XTERRA vortex full wetsuit

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