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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Local #triathlons losing steam, you still have Open Options! #OOSMTri

This will be a little more of a local PSA and plug, bear with me.

2017 has been filled with the loss of a few local races around Kansas City.

No longer are:
  • Midwest Meltdown Triathlon and Duathlon
  • Jackson County Triathlon & Duathlon
  • Cedar Creek Triathlon and Duathlon
    • On May 3rd, 2017, they posted "sponsors, friend's, athlete's, volunteer's and those that have been involved with CCTRI. This year our event has been cancelled. Our committee decided that we had a great run and created something to give back to local charities in our community. We decided greater things are to yet to come and greater things are still to be done. There were permitting issues that we could not overcome. It takes a lot to put on event like ours. We hope you had fun."
  • Legends Free State takes a break for road construction

So what's a Kansas City multisport geek to do to get their racing jollies!?

There's still the Open Options Shawnee Mission Triathlon and Duathlon!  Going strong for 2017.
July 9, 2017 - Shawnee Mission Park

Yes this is a shameless plug since I'm a race ambassador, so what.  :)  Ask me for a discount code on Twitter or Facebook.

It's been a staple race for me for as long as I have been racing multisport events since 2004.

They have several upcoming events for newbies or old hats (or in my case, old farts) to come and swim, bike and run the course.
6/13/17 Open Water Swim
6/25/17 Course Preview
Check out Facebook Page events for more info and find the link in the event info to sign up.

Check out my race recap from last year and all of the great things they had for the kids and opportunities to learn about what Open Options does and why we should take notice!

This year I'm on Team Red with Conrad as our team captain.  Check out his intro page to see a picture of him 14 weeks premature... if that doesn't get you in the feels, you're made of stone!  If you check it out, we are already well above our goal, so if wanted to donate and wanted to spread the love, there are several other teams trying to get to their $1000 goal.

Here's a message Conrad's father sent out a few weeks ago to share his son's story, which is one of many peoples' stories at Open Options.

From Conrad's Father, Brian:
As many of you know, my oldest son, Conrad, has cerebral palsy. With his disability, I spend a lot of time thinking about unanswered questions…will my 8 year old be able to fully dress himself one day, will he be able to drive, will he be able to go to and succeed in college, will he be able to support himself, will he be able to find a job, who will help him when my wife and I aren’t able to do so?  Because of these concerns, I decided to get involved with an organization that helps those with disabilities. 

I have been blessed to be on the board of Open Options. I have learned so much from my experience. Open Options helps individuals with all sorts of disabilities reach their full potential. Their care can range from group living to providing finances to obtain specialized equipment. It warms my soul to see people truly care for those that have a disability and gives me the feeling that Conrad is going to be just fine. 

Unfortunately, with decreases in state funding, organizations like Open Options are struggling to obtain the necessary funding. For example, with only state funding, Open Options is only given $7.50 a week per person serviced for weekly entertainment. With this in mind, Conrad has decided that he wanted to captain a triathlon team to help raise much needed funds. If you would like to donate, please click the link below and scroll down to BKD Team Red.

So hopefully you'll join us at the training events, race the event or donate if you can.

As an incentive and perk of being an ambassador, drop me a note as I mentioned before for a discount code on entry for any distance.


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