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Thursday, February 4, 2016

3.9 for 39 : Starting Year 39 with @ASICS and @LIFETIMEFITNESS

So... I'm 1 year away from MIDDLE AGE!

Yes, I have just turned 39.  Eeeek.  I'm not counting any more after this, excpet when I sign up for races and have to identify with my correct age group.  At least BQ gets 5 minutes less for the next age group.  Silver lining, right?

So how do you kick off year 39?
  1. Spend some time at the gym.
  2. Try out the new ASICS fuzeX.
  3. Start the rest of your life.

Lets dive into the mundane details.

I started the day with teaching my Triathletes not to drown in the pool for our weekly swim workout!  It was great as we had 4 new members start up in February and the team is really taking off at Lifetime in Overland Park.  Each one is doing great in their own right and we're well on our way to get them to their goals in 2016.
That's right.  I kick back while they suffer.
No day would be complete for the fitness and health minded like some weights and 3.9 miles on the treadmill for 39 years.  It may not be as impressive as 39 for 39 as I was originally wanting to do, but when you have some big tasks on your plate for the short term future, spending 5 to 6 hours on a treadmill wasn't in the cards.  What are you gunna do?

At least I did get some time to kick around the new fuzeX and after having some hesitancy, they actually felt GOOD.  Like my PF wasn't killing me good.  Seriously, they are super comfortale.  Looking forward to more runs in those bad boys.

But that's just fluff, here's the real meat.

After years in the "8-5" grind, it's always been a struggle to get everything in and actually be happy with life.  I'm not talking depression type lows, but always feeling like some part of life that matters had to suffer.  Don't get me wrong, first world problems.  Bills are paid, roof over our heads and tummies are full, but there's more to life than the routine and suddenly you turn around and life is half over and you're caught in the rat race.

It dawned upon me.  Simplicity and stop being different things to different people.  Year 39 has been a true "birthday" in the sense of the realization of how I have been struggling to be things I'm not and in doing so, missing out on the things that I should be. I've placed my faith in the wrong priorities and it's backfired on different levels. Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

I was Mr Work for work people, and they might not have known much about my endurance passions.

I was Mr Family for the kids and wife.

I was Mr Trying to Figure it out for Faith.

But at the end I was just tired and stretched too thin.

New perspective.
  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Passion + Work
  4. All Else

Everyone reading this knows more about my Triathlon and Endurance passion that my "day job" and I was what I classified as a closet endurance athlete. Training when I could, always worrying about stuff I should be doing that wasn't what I felt I needed to be doing with my life. This birthday is different. I refuse to be ashamed to be out in the work force and be forced to be something I'm not. I'm passionate about endurance sports, training, racing and getting others around me involved to at least chase some dreams and find some life balance and healthy living along the way! No more closet triathlete!

And last, but not least. If the house burned down and someone stole my tri bike, I'd still have the 4 more important people in my life as I have managed to not hose that up.

Without the support of my awesome wife and our now 3 beautiful kids in my life, it would be a life without meaning. Like all marriages, we have ups and downs, kids in the hospital, real life issues to deal with, but after a hell on earth pregnancy and a premature baby, my wife still has managed to be my rock through tough times and I feel truly blessed to have her and 3 healthy kids as the only birthday present I need.

Have a great rest of the day and do what you are meant to do!

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