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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Where would you like to run on impulse? Share and you could win the all new @asics #fuzeX shoes -> #fuzeXplore

ASICS has graced me with another shoe delivery of yet another new model for 2016!

The fuzeX!


Wait for it

Getting there


Versatile and polished, fuzeX™ shoes provide optimal cushioning with a contemporary appeal. Introducing ASICS newest midsole technology, their proprietary fuzeGEL™ technology is a fusion of GEL® property and foam for the ultimate rearfoot shock absorption that transfers to the forefoot during takeoff. This exciting addition offers a unique ride with full ground contact and a quick responsiveness to keep you moving.

It is a new line for ASICS and is a “shoe for any distance”. Runners can “run long, short, and anywhere in between with the perfect combination of lightness and cushioning with fuzeGel™ technology.” fuzeX™ shoes are for underpronator and neutral runners. Some features include:
  • Fusion Foam
    • fuzeGEL™: ASICS newest GEL® cushion technology creates a lightweight adaptable comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Adaptive Comfort and Fit
  • Seamless Construction
    • The user of seamless materials reduces the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.

Want to win a free pair of the new ASICS fuzeX™ shoes? Participate in the fuzeXplore photo contest by sharing where fuzeX™ will take you beginning February 1 at an ASICS retail location. Here’s how:
  • 1. Navigate. Go to to find a participating retailer near you
  • 2. Try fuzeX™ shoes. Head to a retail location and try on a pair of fuzeX™ shoes.
  • 3. Share. Tell them where fuzeX™ shoes will take you:
  • a. In the try-on area at the store, find the floor mat featuring the fuzeX™ shoes arrows.
    • b. Place your foot wearing the ASICS fuzeX™ shoes onto the floor mat
    • c. Upload your photo or “shoefie” to Instagram or Twitter and complete the caption “fuzeX™ shoes will take me____” paired with the #FuzeXplore hashtag.

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