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Monday, February 8, 2016

#90DayChallenge with @LifetimeFitness

So I'm weighed in and ready to go!

Why sign up for 90 Day Challenge you ask?  You're a Lifetime Fitness Tri coach!  You've done several events and 3 full IRONMAN races!  You're in pretty decent shape!

It's called accountability after Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday.

The Day Off diet plan is great, but I have taken it to extremes the past few months due to the holidays and all the great treats that come with them.  Man have I lived it up!

But, now it's time to reign it in and sharpen the saw for the upcoming season.  Life may throw you a curve with not being able to catch all of your workouts, but you can pretty much control what you put in your mouth on a daily basis.

You gotta have goals!
I do.  I'm not interested in going extreme and there's a difference between being healthy and obsessed.

I want to stay around 170 for the season while maintaining muscle mass (cause if you lose muscle, you lose speed and power) and a healthy body fat.  Too little body fat and you leave yourself vulnerable to illness and injury.  It's a thin line to walk on the opposite end.

Here's my starting stats.
Weight = 176.1 pounds
Body Fat = 6.4 %
Check out these FANTASTIC before pictures...

I'll weigh in each Tuesday and see what the scale is telling me.  My cheat days / off days will require more discipline and self control not to go hog wild and eat in excess ALL DAY LONG.  With the base training I have done all winter, it was pretty straight forward to maintain, but I was exceeding the weekly limits with one day off and the scale was tipping to 180 (have no idea what the body fat was).

Tune in if you'd like to follow along.  As I mentioned, my goal is to really nail the nutrition while increased workload for the upcoming endurance season.  Of course I'm human and would like to see results in the mirror, but I'd rather be healthy than just "look" healthy by starving myself.

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