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Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's up @ASICSAmerica #Shopping #Metarun #MasterIt

If you read this blog, then you'll know I'm an ASICS homer.

So it should come as no surprise with the ASICS Blogger Ambassador title that I get a few perks, like samples of their holiday sales items and early access to the new gorilla in the running market, Metarun.  I previewed Bestivus a few weeks ago HERE and I'll spare you regurgitation of the text, but the summary is that it's one bad a$$ shoe.

Made for everyone and made specifically for no one, it's a fit for long and short, old and young and pronator and supinators.

Check out where you can find the limited early release HERE on their store finder.

Meanwhile, drool over the unboxing at the Triathlon Daddy home.  Looking forward to putting some miles on these bad boys.  The ONLY drawback is the black and gold that's a past rival of my beloved University of Kansas, but I'll overlook it this one time.

Meanwhile if you're like most households around the world, you're working to wrap up the end of the year projects, putting up holiday decorations and checking out Santa.

BUT, don't let that get in the way of catching the Bestivus sales at ASICS.  Some of their gear is running like 50 percent off at times.  Each day is a different sale item and ends December 14th!  Get in there and get your order in asap!

I got to sample the Every Day short and I'm digging them as they are light running shorts, that aren't shorty shorts and don't have the lining that tends to rub me the wrong way.  Hoping you and yours are enjoying the holiday season, they sure do go by FAST!

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