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Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 KANSAS CITY MARATHON RECAP - 10/17/15 #BetterYourBest #RUNKCM @sportkc

It's been a few weeks to get the KC Marathon race report out, but at least it wasn't MONTHS!  ;)

October 17, 2015 was the Kansas City Marathon.  This was my 5th running of the KC marathon and my 7th stand-alone marathon (not counting Ironman marathons).

In my PREVIEW POST, I wasn't really expecting much other than:
  1. Don't hurt myself
  2. Don't pass out
  3. Don't feel crappy at the finish line
I'm happy to say, I accomplished my goals and then some.  Something to be said for setting your expectations low, or sand bagging your goals.

I didn't want to over challenge myself and hurt my PF issues even more plus miss a PR that I had high hopes for.  Delicate balancing act.

I made a last minute switch on shoes.  I know they say don't change anything on race day, but I went with my ASICS 33-M's I REVIEWED a while back.  I have used them on long runs, knew what to expect and they were well worn in with around 200 miles.

My Quantum 360's just had too many miles and were aggravating my feet with over 400 hard miles in a short amount of time.  I was just wearing them for every day use and they were not supporting me like I needed, which didn't bode well for 26.2 miles of running.

So, I switched.

They switched the course up from 2013, the last time I raced the KC Marathon.  The beginning had more climbs than I remember and I was wondering how this was going to impact the rest of the run.

Temps were SUPER chilly.  It was the coldest morning in KC yet for the fall so there I was walking around in a post-race mylar blanket from another race.  I may have looked like a dork, but I was warm until I took it off and warmed up a few miles into the race.

I must say it's a lot less hassle for a pure running event than a triathlon.  No bike, no swim gear.  Just run gear and GO!

One thing I do miss was the option to pee in the wetsuit before the start, or during the swim.  Don't judge, we all do it but not all will admit it.

I was measuring the port-a-potty stops and trying to time it with the start.  I only had to wait around 10 minutes for the start gun from last pee stop.

Yes... peeing is a big theme in running and triathlon.  When going long, bodily functions become import how to manage and plan.

As you will see from the rest of the recap, peeing played a big part in my finish time.

I like to tell the story with my pace profile.

Thanks to the cool temps and right choice for race day shoes, I found a comfortable sweet spot for pace.  Problem was, I needed to pee early and often.  Since I wasn't in a huge hurry other than sub 4 hour, I was ok timing drinks and nutrition at aid stations with pee stops.

Yes, count them, 5!  I had to break for a port-a-potty 5 times.  I swear... I started drinking coffee in the morning about 2 years ago and it's made the small bladder problem worse for the mornings.  I need to rethink race day coffee for running.  Triathlon, no problem, pee in the suit.

I was plugging along, running, peeing, drinking and taking in 2 GU's for the course when it dawned upon me around mile 23 I could PR... or even get under 3:30.  WTF.  A race that actually will turn out better than expectations with injuries and a loose training plan?

I gunned it.  The last mile was sub 7.  I knew the course was level to downhill for the last 2 miles so I gave it all I had... snot flying, dodging cramping runners.  I was on a mission!

Ok, the distance is a little off (probably due to walking to port-a-potties off course), but a PR and sub 3:30 none the less.  Color me shocked.  Plus I wasn't crippled with cramps or pain at the finish.  After a few seconds catching my breathe at the line, I was ready for chocolate milk, bananas and chick-fil-la sandwiches.

130 / 1298 overall
27 / 139 AG
114 / 788 males

Good for a 13 minute PR from the 2014 LA Marathon.

Maybe if I actually focused I could run a BQ race.

Maybe if I stopped jacking around I could figure out how to run a marathon without stopping 5 times to pee.

Maybe 2016 will be a season of running and no full distance Ironman races?

Stay tuned!

Hey, is that an empty port-a-potty over there?


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