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Monday, November 9, 2015

Some Monday thoughts from Daddy perspective and some #ASICS love #MasterIt

So, things here at the ranch this week are kicking off as usual...

Wife heads to work early to start the week, so I'm on Daddy duty to get kids up and to school on time, dressed and properly cleaned.

By dressed, I mean clean clothes.  They may not match, but they are clean, clothed for the weather and that's a good start in my book.

We get teeth brushed and hair combed... and maybe wash off our faces if Daddy remembers.  Breath good, check.  Dried toothpaste on face, maybe.

Things that irk me:
Kids that have been doing the school routine for 3+ years, but still sit around blankly staring at you when you're expecting that maybe this once, they will instinctively know to eat, brush teeth, get dressed, comb hair, put shoes on, jackets or coats on and get backpack.

Having to micromanage kids on a routine that should be second nature.

Having to remind youngest to throw pullups away from the night instead of throwing it in the middle of the living room.

Having to ask kids to pick up toys out of common areas, only to have them get a new toy and drop it in the same place after getting bored with new toy after 1 minute.

Having to ask kids to pick up jammies instead of chucking them where they fall after changing clothes.

Having to pick up blankets drug down to living room that no one uses and toss wherever after they are done with them.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the kids to pieces.  But... c'mon man.

Things that don't irk me:
The hugs as the kids run off to school.

Royals winning the 2015 World Series.

ASICS coming out with a revolution in long distance running from the ASICS Institute of Sport Science... No Limits. No Compromise. Every detail engineered for performance. Through introducing 5 new ASICS exclusive technologies, the future of the long distance running shoe is here.

  • Constructed using groundbreaking midsole foam developed in the ASICS ISS. it’s remarkably 55 percent lighter than the industry standard. Using organic fibres, it bounces back into its original shape in the space of each stride to provide perfect cushioning from the start of your run to the finish.
  • A new one-layer engineered mesh minimizes rubbing between the foot and the upper to create a super snug, glove-like fitting experience. A unique combination of closed and open weave patterns optimises flexibility and breathability.
  • Incredible stability and amazing flexibility helping to reduce the impact of medial forces on the foot. Flexing safely but becoming rigid if the foot rolls in too much, meaning reliable stability.
  • Innovative use of ASICS high tech GEL in new more efficient shapes and precision positioning deliver unrivaled cushioning, ASICS introduces X-GEL.
  • The new x-shaped construction of the external clutch counter will perfectly wrap the inside and outside of your ankle bone. Thanks to the memory foam lining, experience a personalised heel fit every time you step into the shoe.
  • Learn more about what limits ASICS is shattering at as well as the contest to win some sweet swag from ASICS!

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