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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2017 Triathlete Shopping Guide

So, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Tuesday, Purple Hump Day and every other type of excuse to throw out insane discounts on shopping for the holidays is coming.  Don't miss the bus!

I don't perpetuate the notion that Christmas is about gifts and spending money on people to show them you care.  I more align myself with the true meaning of the birth of Christ, but I'm not going to get into that.

It can also be a great resource to the frugal triathlete.  During the season your average triathlete can blow A LOT of cash on supplies and gear for the sport.  It CAN be an expensive sport, but it can also be MANAGEABLE.

Garmin has already dropped the mic with severe reductions in price for the 920XT and Fenix 3.  Lets just say that's the tip of the ice berg.

Wherever you drop your money and whatever brands you are into, I'll lay out my tried and true equipment I use to get through a season.

  • HOTSHOT nerve cramp solution.  They are already offering buy a 12 ct and get a 6 ct for free.  I already stocked up.  It's helped tremendously with my cramping issues that are unrelated to hydration and mineral levels.
  • GU Roctane has come back around as a quality supplement during races.  A little goes a long way and drink with water to avoid GI issues.

  • Garmin 920XT or Fenix 3.  Whichever you go for, you can't lose with the price drop.  I prefer the Fenix 3 for the advanced hardware that allows for more opportunities for future software applications and updates.
  • Gel Cumulus 17 and the Gel Noosi Tri shoes have been my go to with my foot issues.  They are light, flexible but rigid enough that they don't hurt my feet with high volume training.

  • Headsweats Sun Visor for the run.  Works great for races and training in the wee hours of the morning in the dark so you can be seen and not get run over!

  • UCAN Superstarch Energy drink.  It's my go to for hydration and most of my nutrition during long course races.
  • XTERRA wetsuits.  Have had my sleeveless for like 9 years and no issues.  Use code "C-STPM" for up to 60 percent off.
  • Speaking of wetsuits, don't forget to lube up under the neck as well to avoid VERY uncomfortable chaffing for the rest of your race.  Stings to sunscreen on that!  I'm a fan of the TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant.
  • Check out my selections at Swim Outlet for what I recommend in the pool.
  • Chaffing protection,  Early, often and liberally.  I'm a fan of Aquaphor and Skin Strong myself.

That's all I can think of for now... hit me up with a message if you have any questions about other gear or nutrition I would recommend.

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