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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Post off the beaten path of Triathlon // New Training Buddy from #MOGS

Yes, it's been a while since last post...

Work has kept me busy and any free time away from the desk is either with family or getting a workout in.  Thus, sadly writing race reports and blog posts take a back seat.

But, I finally got a few minutes to share some exciting news around the house.

We adopted another rescue dog, but not just any rescue.

Go big or go home, and we went big.

Welcome 95 pounds of fury dog, Kinsgton.  He's the German Shepherd on the right with our 9 year old black lab.

We were at a MOGS event a month or so ago and met Kingston and immediately he clicked with our 5 humans (according to my son, we are humans, not just people).

They are a great organization focused on re-homing German Shepherds and finding them forever homes.  They have helped over 1000 dogs get back to health and find homes... 1000.  We thought Kingston was such a great looking and well mannered dog that by the time we applied and were approved, he would be gone.  But, as luck would have it he had one adoption fall through and we got dibs.

We had him over a few times to meet the kids more extensively and meet our lab and terrier mutt from SPCA.  The terrier was fine, but the lab wasn't sure about this 95 pound beast.  It's taken some assimilation, but dogs are getting along and Kingston is getting acclimated to his new home and family.

Sadly he came from a backyard breeder that kept in horrible conditions and allowed him to have skin issues fester for YEARS.  MOGS started treatment and we are working hard to get him over the hump.  He's probably more lethargic than he would be while he fully recovers, but I'll be the first to admit it's probably for the better he's laid back and not too hyper while getting used to the new home.

I write this post up not just to share the news about our new addition, but to also bring awareness to organizations like MOGS taking in purebred specific dogs knowing what they need and finding them homes.

Take a peek below at what Kingston was like when MOGS got him.  It's heart breaking that someone would keep a dog like that and profit off him without consideration of his well being.

Think about that next time you consider buying a purebred dog from a breeder or pet shop.  Ask to see the parents if on site.  The stud dog may not be there and you may not know what genetics are going into your dog.

Be informed.  Consider rescues as the foster families keep them for a while to get them healthy and make sure they are adoptable.  For 3+ months the foster family for Kingston had him and knew his temperament, how he reacted to kids and other dogs... things you just don't know when you buy a puppy from a store or breeder.

Rescues can make great pets!

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