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Friday, August 19, 2016

Guess who's the latest IRONMAN Certified Triathlon Coach! ME! @IronmanTri @LifeTimeTri

So, it took longer than any Ironman race I have done...

After 20+ hours of study, not including the assessments, and passing a test assessment and written assessment, I'm an IRONMAN U Certified Coach!

What does that mean?  I'm now even more wise in the ways of the IRONMAN force.  ;)

In actuality it was comforting to see a great deal of the training and information they present aligns with my coaching philosophy and style.

Lets face it, you can argue pricing and the business side of the sport that comes with the brand, but IRONMAN is THE go to race venue for aspiring 70.3 and 140.6 distance triathletes.

After all, how can you become and IRONMAN unless you race an IRONMAN event?  Without the brand, the distance would not exist.

What better way to be versed in the training for the events than to be certified by the entity that produces the event.  Not to mention they had several key successful past pro triathletes and coaches assist in assembling and presenting the coaching.

I spent a lot of lunch hours on the course and energy for the tests, so I'm proud to have the credential to add to my resume!

Check out my Lifetime Fitness coach page for more info on my coaching side and how to get in touch with me!

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