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Monday, September 21, 2015

@LYFEKitchen - AWA Ironman Athlete - #GelQuantum360 by @ASICSAmerica - #IMBoulder 2015 thoughts going into race day

So tomorrow is it.  Ironman race of 2015, Ironman Boulder.

Pretty much my whole multisport year has revolved around getting ready for Boulder.  It's going to be a long and hot day.

I'm trying not to get sucked into the hype that the bike course is fast and easy.  I'm also focusing on hydration and nutrition early on the bike before it heats up to get as much into the system before it starts shutting down due to heat.  It's going to happen.  Lets just hope for plenty of shade on the run!

Training for Boulder, I had a minor setback for a month with Plantar Faciitis.  I went to the elliptical and was sent the ASICS Gel Quantum 360 shoes in perfect timing.  While the elliptical allowed me to take some stress off the foot, none of my go-to ASICS models were relieving the pain of just every day walking around.  That was until I was sent the Quantum 360's.  They worked wonders and I'm pretty much 95 percent pain free.  I've been back out running this week, granted nothing at race pace or high intensity.  Aleve and patients will be my best friend on the run... and will probably serve me well to pace myself in the heat.  Probably a blessing in disguise.

Packing... how did I get all this junk to Lake Tahoe in 2013???  It was a mess, but ended up only to be three bags and a bike... and a bag of food.  Not bad, but it was a mess for a good 8 hours.

What's the best way to save money racing these events?  Stay with family.  I have been blessed with some great in-laws that live in Denver and have graciously opened their home and pantry.  Very open to let me come and go and fixing great chicken quinoa salads and awesome healthy dinners!  SCORE!

Yes, racing at altitude causes issues, but being in Boulder, Colorado for an Ironman race does not suck.

Volunteers are great!  Just don't get a card and have to stop at the penalty tent... they aren't as happy to see you.

Watching on  I'm bib 427 (low number for All World Athlete Bronze) and will be wearing some neon... helmet home paint job to match!  Son, you got to coooooordinate...

Speaking of AWA.  It's a strange side deal with IM races.  Based on your performances in past IM events, IM KS in 2014 and IM Chattanooga in 2014, you get AWA status based on your point total.  Some how I earned enough for bronze.  So far the non-paying benefits are a sticker, express line in check in and a lower bib number that got me closer to the bike racks in T1.  You could go wild and order AWA gear online and if you get gold or silver, you get early chances at IM entries than the regular participants.  It's cool, but doubt I will qualify for 2016.

Boulder has some sweet eats!  IM decided to give meal vouchers for 6 or so Boulder restaurants and have an outdoor welcome celebration at 7pm, skipping providing food.  This was my first with this setup... and I found LYFE Kitchen and AWESOME!  Healthy.  Nutrition Facts readily available.  TASTED KICK ASS!  And, the $25 voucher covered my entire meal.

So far the pre-race highlight has to be getting Rinny to sign an IM Boulder poster and pose for a picture!  Who knows if I will ever be in the same air as her again, so I jumped on the chance.  We are now besties.

I'm trying to soak it in this race.  Taking time and doing things intentional and not be lost or in a hurry.  This could be the last full IM for a whole due to some home front changes (in a good way), so I'm taking lessons learned from Texas and victories from Chattanooga and hopefully putting a nice bow on this chapter of triathlon racing.  Stay tuned and good luck to everyone else racing!

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