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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Garmin Connect IQ Summit 2.0 updates #CIQSUMMIT18

So being down the street, I'm at Garmin's Connect IQ Summit 2018 for round 2.

It's a unique look behind the curtain of what's going on in the super tech nerd side of that GPS device that all of us endurance athletes obsess over (most of us anyways).

Never heard of Connect IQ?  You're not alone.  I wasn't really aware until last year's summit what exactly it was.  It's the back end side of third party software development for Garmin devices.

Change your watch face on your Fenix 5?  That's a connect IQ app.

Have the strava segments on your edge 1030?  That's a connect IQ app.

That's kind of the over simplified version.

DC Rainmaker made an appearance for the keynote address.  Check it out.

That have made announcements that affect the developers about how they can access the platform, info, data, etc and push their apps into the marketplace for you athletes to integrate into your daily life.  It's low profile for us end users, but some are big for developers and open all kinds of doors.

What might be more interesting to the every day athlete are a few of the new devices.

The Edge 130 is released.
Garmin press release HERE.
DC Rainmaker review HERE"The Edge 130 is kinda like a mini Edge 520. Mini in size, and slightly reduced in features. But not in the amount of stuff it packs in. Make no mistake – this is definitely not an Edge 25 or Edge 200 similar from years past. This is not some low-end unit that you look at longingly for its looks and size but then realize lacks the brains to match. No, this actually packs in a crapton of stuff."

The Edge 520 Plus is released.
Garmin press release HERE.
DC Rainmanker review HERE"compare exactly how it’s different from the ‘original’ Edge 520 first:
– Added full map set for display of roads/routing
– Added turn by turn navigation capabilities, also route recalculation
– Has Trendline popularity routing engine overlaid atop the new maps
– Added Rider to Rider messaging (introduced on Edge 1030 last summer)
– Added two mountain bike trail apps loaded by default (TrailForks & Yelp)
– Updated Strava Segments algorithm found in Edge 1030 that is more accurate for racing segments
– Added slight differences in data page/field layouts
– Added new Extended Display mode for Garmin FR935/Fenix 5 integration as a secondary display (Edge 820/1030 will get too)
– Beefs up by 2g more than the Edge 520 (63g vs 61g)"


The Varia RTL510 rearview radar is released.
Garmin press release HERE.
DC Rainmaker review HERE"The RTL510 has two core purposes: A) Detect vehicles overtaking you from behind B) Be a rear-facing bike light (that’s also visible from the side)"

Thanks for reading!  Hope this helped. 

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