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Monday, February 19, 2018

There's speed, and then there is SPEED

As aspiring age group triathletes, we mostly are all reaching for that improvement in fitness and race times year after year.

If you compared your first race to say, your 25th, you'll probably think sot yourself "wow, I'm getting speedy!".

I know I look back and couldn't imagine running sub 7 for 13.1 miles, but I have now.

And then you find people like Kevin Denny, and you know what speed really looks like.

Just check out his resume of racing.  He's a member of the Every Man Jack team and is loaded up for the 2018 season.  He also happens to live in Kansas City, and I've had the honor to be pummeled by him several times in races and have unique access to this high level elite amateur triathlete.

Highlights of his races include:
Recently Kevin graciously agreed to answer a few short fire questions on his racing, training and tips for Chattanooga 70.3 since he was at the venue twice in 2017.  Don't forget Kevin still works a full time job during the day and still pulls of training and racing at the elite level.

So, without further delay, here they are!

Question 1 : Tip each for swim, bike and run that's helped you improve the most (3 tips total, 1 per discipline)?
Answer : "For the swim, find a good masters program or coach to work with, and swim more often. For the bike, follow a good training program and progression (Zwift races every time you ride will not help in the long run).  For the run, I'm a firm believer in off the bike running and race specific pace. Doesn't have to be far, but I routinely run 2.5 or 3 miles (15-18 min) at my goal race pace."

Question 2 : Two of the biggest lessons learned from overall training perspective to make the transition to a KQ speed and endurance?
Answer : "Two biggest lessons: 1. Keep easy days easy and hard days hard. Training in the "grey" area will not make you better and will likely lead to injury or burnout. 2. Have fun. It is, after all, a hobby for 99% of the population."

Question 3 : Biggest tip after racing IM Choo 70.3 to help 2018 athletes get the best race?
Answer : "Run on hilly terrain. 70.3 Chattanooga course is hilly on the run, be prepared. It will destroy your legs if all you do is run on flat trails/roads or treadmill."

There you have it.  Some gold from a a very fast age grouper for you to chew on while you're Zwifting away getting ready for your 2018 season.

Thanks for reading!

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