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Friday, August 4, 2017

IRONMAN 70.3 BOULDER 2017 // RACE PREDICTIONS // Dave Scott #Normatech #IMBoulder703

Here it is, RACE TIME!

As I sit relaxed in my Boulder BNB after eating a fine home made wrap with deli chicken, turkey pepperoni and pepper jack cheese slices (being a frugal traveling triathlete and coach), I thought I'd throw out and update and some ideas rattling around in my head.

Bike cleaned and ready.  Relic.


Goals is what you set for yourself before your race, and more importantly right after you decide to sign up for whatever it is.  5k.  IRONMAN.  Whatever.

Goals are what's lurking in your mind you may not ever say out loud.  You may admit you just want to finish, or under XX hours, but deep down we all have those secret goals we don't want to share for fear we won't reach them for whatever reason.

Goals are good to share.  Keeps you accountable.  Keeps you inspired.

Race predictions is a killer.  That's what typical happens with athletes after the train for months for a race and ask the coach, so what should I expect for a finish time?  Little too late the day before and hopefully you went over that before a plan was made.

Typically I take their swim, add 30 seconds per 100, subtract a mile per hour on the bike and add 1:30 a mile to their run pace and there you have it.


NO WAIT!  That's 100 percent WRONG!  I hate doing that.  I might make some educated guesses based on months of training input, but when you go from goal to prediction, you limit yourself.  I hate that!  HATE IT! It's like a noose around an athlete's neck holding them back.

BUT, there are times when you need to temper goals with reality.  Tough training.  Injury.  Weather.  Unexpected course change.  Forgot to shave your armpits to lesson swim drag... so many things could change race day.

There's a happy medium, but I shy away from race predictions with my athletes.  Go for it!  Don't limit yourself.

That being said... here's my Boulder 70.3 goal


There it is.

My PR is 5:30 back in 2014 at IRONMAN 70.3 Kansas.  This will also be my 10th half distance race.

I'm a smarter athlete.  Train different.  Eat better.  Lots of solid facts that makes this goal highly attainable except one fact.

My training has been 85 percent of what I wanted.  Better to be under than over trained, but just so many issues missing workouts here and there for real or made up reasons.  Lots of excuses.

But, that's not going to stop me from making my goal happen.

Should be a great day for the race.  Course is great.  Feeling rested.  Mentally ready.

Just a few highlights from the trip.

I was lucky enough to hit the Endurance Coaching Summit right here in Boulder that was Thursday and Friday.  GREAT opportunity to meet like minded individuals and learn something new or confirm something old I thought I knew.

When Dave Scott speaks, you listen.
You just don't get to do things like hit a run clinic with 6x IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION Dave Scott back in Kansas.  HUGE.


A day makes a difference.  Day one high temp was 57 with showers.
HIGH of 57, people!

Luckily weather turns on a dime around here and race day should be in the 80's.  Whew.

And, when they brake out the NORMATECH boots for coaches to try out during sessions, you take advantage and do some multitasking recovering while learning.  I think all conferences should have this feature.

And with that, I'm headed to the coach for trash tv and Halo Top ice cream before early bedtime.

See you at the finish line!

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