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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don't be a sponsor whore #Triathlon #sponsorship

I was sitting here trying to wrap up lose ends before the holidays while babysitting projects...

And I happened on a few opportunities to apply for ambassador or sponsorship of various brands and companies.

When I started really getting the bug for endurance sports, started writing and blogging, I was approached to do reviews of products and that got me thinking and looking at being SPONSORED.

Sponsored athlete, just like the pros!

Wear cool gear.

Get the look-at-me's.

Get the kudos.


After racing for 12 years, one thing is evident.

I'm not going to be pro winning prize purses.

Ya, it was in the back of my mind, but each age group ups the anti in time and I keep adding kids which does not translate into being faster on the course.

Don't get confused.  I LOVE my family and kids, but making ends meet and keeping family a high priority does not allow most non-genetic gifted athletes race to the top of their age group.

Not winning at least your age group, or getting top 3, will get you nada as far as compensation goes.  You won't get paid.  Most pros don't even make enough to avoid having to have a job for income supplementation.

But, I did get a lot of discount sponsorship.  There are tons of sites out there looking to hook up brands wanting recognition to athletes wanting sponsorship.  It was actually pretty easy to fill out the form and get the deals regardless of placement in races.

Was it worth it?

You may be required to post so many blog or facebook posts.

You may be required to buy so much in goods.

You may only get like 15 percent off already overpriced products.

You could probably get the product cheaper by searching online.

In the end you have to weigh your time and what that's worth to say you are sponsored.  A lot of companies are more than happy to let you get their name out, but is it worth your time and energy?

Who are you really benefiting?

I write this as a warning.

Go for the gear and products you already use or would use in the future.

I've been down the road, reviewed a lot of products, shilled for a lot, but have started to be more selective in comparing effort and time to benefits of sponsorship.

If you want the prestige, then by all means pimp away.  If you want something beneficial out of it, be smart!

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