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Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MetaRun by @AsicsAmerica going dark after 12/31/15!

ASICS homer, me?  Yes!

So I've been tooling around in my MetaRuns by ASICS for a few weeks now.  I've been outside on pavement indoors on dreadmills.  Outside running was curbed by snow just after Christmas, so I'm tackling a few more treadmill runs before I assemble an opinion on them.

But, from experience thus far, they have been a solid shoe for my PF issues, light weight, stable and well cushioned on the inside.  We'll see what a few more miles do to them.

Lets me keep up with Man's Best Friend.

I also wanted to get the word out that TODAY is the LAST DAY to order online at  They came out on a limited release with this batch to sell online and send out to stores in person.  You can check the site to see what brick and mortar locations have them, but I would call before heading out to make sure they have them and your size.

Batch 01!  Yeah baby!

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