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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Patriot Run on 9/11 with Team Banana Hammocks - Recap sort of #TeamASICS

So back a few weeks ago I ran a couple "hot laps".

By that I mean I ran over to where they were holding a Patriot's Run for the 9/11 anniversary and ran a mile, rested, ran a mile, rested... for about 3 official miles with our "team".

As you can see from the photo and our team uniforms, we are all about formality and being serious. It was a great way to incorporate a run into a long run for training.

Notice I'm putting my ASICS Gel Quantum 360's to the test. Right now I'm at 400 miles on those bad boys and hoping to get them through the Kansas City Marathon in 2 weeks. I'm pushing my limits taking running shoes over 300 miles, but the Quantums have stood up so far.

I also wanted to share an snippit from the email from the Patriot's Run:
"Banana Hammocks set a new team and course record at 83 miles [in 9 hours and 11 minutes for the relay cutoff]. They claim they can do more and plan to return next year to prove it."

No pressure.

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